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The author uses the pen name Jeremy Young as he is still employed within a Fortune 500 company. Throughout his 20 years’ career, he has worked in many different countries for U.S., European, Asian companies including public, private, family-owned ones. He has held many different roles, including C.E.O., board member, C.F.O., chief sales and marketing officer, and consultant.

He likes to spend his summers in Greece and travels a lot. He hopes a definite cure for COVID-19 is found as you read these lines so that the world can go back to normal, and he can resume his travels. He dreams of buying a small boat with the proceeds of this book to sail the Mediterranean and live out his bucket list.

His blog is intended to remind everyone of the indisputable facts of office life via real stories and allow everyone to share work and office stories anonymously as they wish.

He will also contribute advice to your problems and maintain a platform where you can safely share your issues. Many of us still trade our time for money. When you realize that your office is simply a place where this transaction occurs daily, you might be able to rid yourself of the undue pressure you put on yourself.

Please share your work and office stories on and keep the discussion going.

You can e-mail him directly and try reaching him on his mobile +44 20 3289 2333 (calls only, limited availability) for personal coaching and advisory services.