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Be careful with your e-mails and social media

Early in my career, I was working in the Middle East as a management consultant. I was friends with a delightful gentleman whose hobby was to share inspirational quotes with the entire company via email. Please note that this was the early 2000s; social media was not as pervasive as today. One day he shared the following quote, “If life gives you lemons, put it in a shot of tequila and enjoy!” The problem was that there was a blanket ban on alcohol in that country. The C.E.O. immediately called him and questioned him harshly. The employee confessed he did not know what Tequila is. (I still doubt it to this day- I am sure he did not drink but he definitely knew). I followed him later to see he retired shortly after that. Forcing retirement was the only way to terminate people in the country.